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Please make sure you have filled in your application on france-visas.gouv.fr or request our platinum service to be assisted with it
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You are required to prepay the service fees in order to confirm your appointment. It must take place within 48 hours of the booking of your appointment. Otherwise your appointment will no longer be guaranteed.

You can click here, to see the first availability for a tourism visa application in our branch. Availability might vary depending of your visa type.

Please note that only applicants with a confirmed appointment will be given access to the visa application center 15 minutes before their appointment time.

If you wish to apply from home, feel free to contact corporate-qa@capago.eu to check our next availabilities

Dedicated group process: if you are a group of 10 or more applicants we recommend you to contact us in order to benefit from the dedicated process.

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Note: South African residents can apply from any of the three branches. Residents of Namibia, Botswana and Zambia must apply in Johannesburg.

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Beware of fraudulent sites.

Visa applicants are advised to be cautious in all dealings with companies that claim to offer assistance in obtaining French visas. Capago International is the only official company mandated by the French Government to process visa applications. Should you require additionnal assistance please select the platinum service where one of our expert consultant will assist you at every step of the process.


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At this step I must enter applicant's information (as per passport). Please note that it won't be possible to swap one traveler with another or to change the passport number entered here.

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Consulate and Capago Fees :

Please note that the Consulate Fees are and the Capago Fees are 33 Euros. Note that for certain types of visa, fees may differ. Please see our FAQ page for more details.

Request Platinum assitance from Capago

By choosing our all inclusive Platinum service, you will make your visa application easy and ensure it will meet all the needed requirements.

Platinum applicants get a dedicated visa consulant with whom they can liaise via channels such as whatsapp to facilitate their visa application.

The dedicated visa consultant can then :

  • Verify all documents prior to your appointment (on demand)
  • Assist with France Visas Form Filling
  • Organise an appointment outside of standard opening hours

By chosing platinum service you make sure that all is in order with your application and that you will spend the minimum time in our premises on the day of your appointment. Platinum service is charged per applicant.

1 | Important documents

ICAO Standard ID Photos

Capago provides photos which are 100% compliant with the Schengen Requirements and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Standards, printed on quality gloss paper using Biometric technology at per applicant

Schengen Travel Insurance

A specific travel insurance, 100% Schengen compliant, is mandatory for your visa application under European Union regulations(Decision 2004/17/EC of December 22, 2003).If the travel Insurance does not comply with Schengen requirements in accordance with European Union regulations, your visa may be refused.

If you wish to take out your insurance yourself, you can go to the first European comparator Visa Travel Insurance.. Here you'll find global insurers Allianz, Axa, Europ Assistance and Mutuaide.”


Caution: You are free to choose your Insurance and your Insurer subject to the laws/ regulators of your country but beware of fake Schengen Travel Insurance, fake approved sites, street vendors and exclusions of guarantee related to COVID19.

“*By clicking on this link you are leaving CAPAGO to a third party website. CAPAGO refers to this link for information purposes only and does not promote, advise or advertise any Insurer's products, nor carry out any regulated activities in relation to the Insurances referred to via the link on this website. CAPAGO disclaims all liability arising from the purchase or use of Insurance services by any person.”

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If you need the invoice to be addressed in the name of a company please tick below. Note that the invoice will be sent to you by email.


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At this step, you can choose your preferred date and time of appointment. You will then be invited to prepay our service fee to confirm your appointment. We will release your appointment slot after 48 hours should you fail to prepay the fees.

If you wish to apply from home, feel free to contact corporate-qa@capago.eu to check our next availabilities

It is recommended that an appointment should be requested at least 20 days before the scheduled departure date.

Please, make sure that you must come on time for your appointment (maximum 15 minutes late)